Anonymous asked: "Hey so i want to get a tattoo but its of something that i drew. Would the tattoo artist do that?"

I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I’m like 99% positive that they would. 



Balance and Composure- Enemy (x)

i’m in love

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Anonymous asked: "Be thankful your parents even let you get tattoos. Where I live you can't get tattoos until you're 18 even if you have a parents permission. So just be thankful that you can even consider a tattoo..."

So snippy. It’s not like I was acting like I’m some underprivileged child. I just said I was mad about being told I was able to get it, and then being told that it’s probably not happening.  


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Parkway Drive

I’m kinda pissed cause my parents’ rule for tattoos is we have to wait til we’re 17 to get one. and I was like, that’s what I want for my birthday, we don’t have to go on my birthday, but sometime around then. and my dad was like, just because you’re gonna be 17 doesn’t mean you have to get your tattoo for your birthday;you’ll get whatever you get from us for your birthday.  Are you kidding me. 


Real Friends (by TD Wehle)
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